Gas BraaI c/w optional spit /motor & Deluxe Stainless Steel Frame & Doors

Charcoal Braai c/w optional spit/motor & Deluxe Black Frame & Doors

In the design of this unit, the designers set out to make the most consumer friendly built-in braai on the market. The concept was to have a built-in Braai Box that could equally well be used for gas or charcoal cooking, to which different frame / door options could be attached.

Unique on the market are the electrical switches built into the Deluxe Frames to operate the built in light and rotisserie motor. A considerable improvement on those models needing light / plug points built into the wall next to the braai.

The vegetables / warming drawer and the ash removal drawer are in catering quality stainless steel. Stunning to keep your cooked food warm and then carry through to the table.

The doors on the optional frames are hinged to open outwards. Much easier to open and close than dual upper and lower doors. There is a compartment on the one door to hold your spices and hooks on the other to hold your utensils.

A work surface can be simply slid out from the base of the braai. This gives you a work space that is much more stable than braais with lower doors held up by chains. It also enables the user to decide how far they want the work surface to extend.

Great on saving strain on your back leaning into the braai.


  •  Choice of gas or charcoal cooking.
  •  Standard with a 40mm black frame or the optional Deluxe Frame and Doors in Black or Stainless Steel.
  •  Optional spit and rotisserie motor.
  •  The gas option utilises a Chad o Chef 5 burner gas grill.