How much does it cost to install a gas geyser?

GeyserCost (Gas installation + Geyser + Plumbing)
Atlas 6L per minute + weather coverR7280
Bosch 14L per minute + weather coverR11820
Bosch 16L Optiflow (recommended)R14690
Bosch 26L Optiflow for 2-3 bathroomsR20550

The average gas installation cost without the gas geyser will be about R2800 And +/- R2000 Plumbing. That is for an installation with a 4kg per hour regulator, so it’s good for lower capacity geysers. We always recommend getting force driven gas geysers, as you will get better gas consumption as well as, having the benefit of being able to set the exact temperature you would like to receive, meaning you would not need to add cold water to your shower if the water is too hot and never having a shower that’s “just a bit too cool”. Another advantage of most force driven gas geysers is that they can be used in conjunction with a solar water heating system, meaning the gas geyser will only kick in if there is not enough hot water coming from the solar water heating system. This is great if you have family over and your reservoir runs out of hot water or on cloudy days.

But if force driven gas geysers are out of your price range, no stress, the natural draft geysers will also do if you are just starting out or if you can’t justify the extra cost, for example, supplying hot water to a guest bedroom. Or if you just want to supply water to a sink for washing.

The maximum consumption of the Bosch 16L has a Maximum gas consumption 2.44 kg per hour (this is the absolute maximum the unit can use, everyday consumption will be much less) meaning you can start off with the atlas 6L and then upgrade to a Bosch 16L Optiflow without changing the size of the regulator and minor change in the gas installation.

The average shower uses 7.9 litres per minute, so technically you might just get away with a 6L gas geyser. But I’m sure even the manufacturers of the atlas gas geysers would agree that you are not going to have a very good experience with only 6 litres per minute (best suited for a sink). Do your best to get the best equipment you can afford as it will last you longer, save more gas and give you a better experience. But if you cant afford the top of the range, you can still enjoy the benefits of having a gas geyser in your price range.

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What size gas geyser do I need?

The bare minimum we recommend is a 16 litre per minute gas geyser for showering. If you only plan on using the gas geyser for washing clothes and dishes, then smaller geysers like a 6 litre geyser will be just fine. Gas geyser ratings Gas Geysers have a litre per...

What’s the best gas stove to buy?

We recommend the Bosch 60 cm freestanding gas stove. It's the best all-rounder, it's not too expensive, looks cool, and will run for a very long time. Other than that we recommend Elba AEG, and smeg 60 cm all gas (gas oven and gas top). If you are on a budget then the...

Is it dangerous to have a gas stove?

Having a gas stove is not dangerous. They come equipped with flame failure devices that do not allow gas to flow if there is no flame. However, all gas appliances need to be installed safely by a regesterd gas installer. Some tips to make your gas stove safe Room size...

Gas installation cost

Gas installation price Type Of InstallationCost (excluding cylinder)In cupboard/inside installation (9kg cylinder)R1800Outside Installation 5m off piping or lessR2800Outside Installation more than 5m pipingR2800 + R100 per meter extra of pipingOutside Installation...

Are gas geysers safe?

Yes, Gas geysers are perfectly safe, just as long as they are installed properly. Modern gas geysers have many safety features that make them quite safe. For example, if there is a malfunction with your gas regulator and it gave out more gas than it should, and there...