How long does a gas geyser take to heat up?

A gas geyser takes about 6 to 10 seconds to heat up. The heat exchanger and the piping in the gas geyser start out at ambient temperature and take a few seconds to heat up. additionally, the geyser does not ignite instantly, this adds on about 2-5 seconds. therefore a total time of 6 to 10 seconds until the gas geyser is heating up water at the expected rate.

Fan force driven gas geysers tend to ignite slightly quicker and will use slightly more gas at the very beginning to get the heat exchanger up to temperature and then go down to normal operating temperature, just like you might turn the burner on your gas stove to its maximum setting to get your pot up to temperature, then turn the burner to a lower temperature. This is very brief and does not waste gas as energy consumption is relative. What it does do is save you water by getting the water initial water temperature up to the target temperature faster so you don’t need to run the tap as long as you would have.

Natural draft gas geysers do not have the same functionality as fan forced gas geysers, however its a very small amount of water so it is not something to get concerned over unless you constantly turn the tap on and off throughout the day.

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What size gas geyser do I need?

The bare minimum we recommend is a 16 litre per minute gas geyser for showering. If you only plan on using the gas geyser for washing clothes and dishes, then smaller geysers like a 6 litre geyser will be just fine. Gas geyser ratings Gas Geysers have a litre per...

What’s the best gas stove to buy?

We recommend the Bosch 60 cm freestanding gas stove. It's the best all-rounder, it's not too expensive, looks cool, and will run for a very long time. Other than that we recommend Elba AEG, and smeg 60 cm all gas (gas oven and gas top). If you are on a budget then the...

Is it dangerous to have a gas stove?

Having a gas stove is not dangerous. They come equipped with flame failure devices that do not allow gas to flow if there is no flame. However, all gas appliances need to be installed safely by a regesterd gas installer. Some tips to make your gas stove safe Room size...

Gas installation cost

Gas installation price Type Of InstallationCost (excluding cylinder)In cupboard/inside installation (9kg cylinder)R1800Outside Installation 5m off piping or lessR2800Outside Installation more than 5m pipingR2800 + R100 per meter extra of pipingOutside Installation...

Are gas geysers safe?

Yes, Gas geysers are perfectly safe, just as long as they are installed properly. Modern gas geysers have many safety features that make them quite safe. For example, if there is a malfunction with your gas regulator and it gave out more gas than it should, and there...