Injector Gas Grate

NØVENT fireplaces have recently developed a new injector gas grate. This development entailed extensive in house tests and evaluation and finally tests as prescribed by SANS 1539 for non-vented gas room heaters by an independent accredited laboratory.

These injector gas grates are available in various standard sizes and heat outputs. It is possible to design and build fireplaces into which these injector gas rates are installed to clients special requirements, as long as these requirements are not in violation with the regulations as set by the SABS.

NØVENT designed these injector gas grates to fit into their standard convection boxes. Clients have the option to choose these grates with white pebbles or coals both with glowing embers and flames.

Standard Mild Steel Convection Box with mild steel black grate and coals.
NØVENT Mild Steel Stand Alone with pebbles.

Stainless Steel Drop-in with coals.
Ceramic logs for the Injector Grate.