– The easy way to convert an existing inefficient flued gas fire to a highly efficient flueless

These grates are designed to enable the easy conversion of an existing steel or brick fireplace into a flue-less gas fire. If you have an open wood or anthracite burning fire it is as simple as sealing up the chimney opening to prevent heat loss up the chimney, running gas to the fire and connecting up our flue-less grate.

No more lighting of fires, no more smoke smell in the house, no more cleaning out the ash. Simply large quantities of heat with the convenience of a flick of a switch.

If you have a flued gas fire it is even easier. Remove the flued grate, seal up the chimney flue and fit the flue-less grate to the existing gas line. Generally a 1 to 2 hour job.

Our flue-less grate is 3 times more efficient than most flued grates. That is either a lot more heat for your house at no extra cost or the same heat with a big reduction in running cost. Plus, you will be doing your bit for our environment by utilising our gas reserves in a more beneficial manner.

  •  Available in 550, 700, 850 and 1050mm size
  •  Available with Flame Dancer Grate

Heating Capacity

  •  5-10kw, 200-400m³ depending on model chosen.


Our fires are designed to look as realistic as possible in terms of simulating a real coal or log fire burning. However, in creating this effect they produce a fair amount of carbon monoxide/dioxide which needs to be vented up a chimney.

Generally speaking some 60% of the potential heat from our flued gas fires is lost up the chimney. This is balanced with a zero fume dispersion into the room. This means that our flued gas fires are completely odourless and are the right choice for bedrooms, small rooms or where people are asthmatic.

The construction of our flued unit ensures the most natural looking flame pattern in a non wood burning fire.

Furthermore the firebox allows any of the optional frame styles to be fitted to it, even after construction is complete. This gives the homeowner the flexibility of changing the look of the fire at any time, by changing the frame and door and/or the gas grate.

For the developer, it allows them to build in a standard firebox and fit the frame and grate option selected by the house purchaser on completion of building.

Available in 700mm single sided built in version.

Choice of fuel effect:

  •  Coal / Log or White Pebble

Heating Capacity

  •  3-4kw, 90-130m³ dependant on model chosen.


Our drop in grates are designed to simply drop into a hole in a slab, very much like a kitchen hob drops into the kitchen counter.

The slab can be made out of any non combustible material; concrete, granite, marble, etc. to enable you to make a fashion statement to suit your home.

It is imperative for the grate to function, that there is an adequate air supply to the underside of the slab. All our Drop in Grates are provided with a louvre for you to build into the brick structure to allow the required amount of air in.

  •  Available as standard in 880, 1100, 1400 & 2000mm long units
  •  Available as specials with variable length & depth
  •  Available in black or brushed stainless steel
  •  Black unit is supplied with natural white stones to enable you to cover the grate in stones if so desired
  •  Grates can be fitted flush with slab surface or recessed into it to give different looks
  •  Available with Flame Dancer grate

Heating Capacity

  •  Standard Models 5-15kw 200-600m³
  •  Special Models 10-15kw 400-600m³

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