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Are gas appliances safe?

Yes gas appliances are safe, granted they are installed by a registered gas installer. When selecting a gas appliance you need to consult the gas safe appliance list and ensure the appliance you plan to buy is on the safe appliance list. If the appliance appears on...

Do gas geysers need electricity?

Yes, some gas geysers need electricity in the form of batteries or from normal 220v. Currently, there are no gas geysers on the market that do not require some sort of electricity. Most natural draft gas geysers only require 2 D cell batteries. Fan force gas geysers...

Which brand Gas Geyser is best?

The brand of gas geyser I think is best depends on stock availability, warranty and after sales support. So the best brand gas geyser can change at any time. They are: Rinnai, Bosch and Paloma. Rinnai I really like Rinnai gas products not only their gas geysers, they...

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