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Gas Geysers Installations

We do the gas installation of all types of gas geysers

Gas Hob Installations

We install all approved gas hobs

Gas Stove installations

We install all approved gas stoves

Leak Detection And Repair

We find and repair leaks on gas installations

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Professional Gas Installers Berea

We have over 15 years of experience installing gas. Ranging from large commercial sized projects to the smallest in cupboard installation, we have the experience to take on any commercial or residential job. We pride ourselves in doing our job neatly and most importantly ensuring each installation is safe and meets regulations.

We take following the rules very seriously, this not only keeps our nose clean but it is very important that your installation is safe and is legal for insurance purposes.

What Do You Get?

We supply the Full Gas installation which includes gas piping, gas hose, the regulator, shut off valves, fittings, Gas COC etc. Anything we do not do or that is not included will be clearly relayed to you ensuring that we are both happy.


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We sell the top of the range Bosch gas geysers with nationwide support from the Bosch service team. As installers, we only want to sell the best in order to give our customers the best quality available and to have as few comebacks as possible. That is why we recommend the bosch optiflow range. Get yours while stocks last.

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We see many installations (not ours) that do not meet regulations and in some cases are dangerous. This means that the customer must pay to fix the other installers mistakes. We do our job properly the first time round and as safe as possible. Saving you time and money

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are happy to answer any questions you might have. In the meantime feel free to read our frequently asked questions.
Can I run a Gas Geyser off a 9kg bottle

No, the liquid inside the gas bottle will not vaporize fast enough to supply the gas geyser.

Can my gas geyser go in the roof?

No, In case of a geyser malfunction, it would be far safer to install the geyser outside.

What gas geyser should I buy?

We recommend fan force gas geysers for their far superior lifespan and efficiency.

Please refer to our other website where we go in detail on how gas geysers work and the types of gas geysers:

Where can I buy a gas geyser?

You can get a gas geyser from us along with the gas installation on one quote. Or you can buy from our online store:

Client Testimonials

I could smell gas and I dId not know where it’s coming from, I got the professionals in. They detected the leak and did the repairs. Can Recommend any time.They also do gas fitting and gas installation

Maddy Meyers

Great service and very neat installation!!!

Willie Venter

I phoned on Monday morning with a gas leak on my gas installation. They managed to arrange an engineer to arrive on the same day to fix the boiler. They stated on the phone that prices started from R450 call out for up to 30 minutes work and if it would be over 30 minutes the engineer would advise before commencing any work. leak detected and repaired. Excellent professional service.


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